Cassie Files Lawsuit Against Diddy Alleging Years Of Rape & Abuse

Cassie Files Lawsuit Against Diddy Alleging Years Of Rape & Abuse


Diddy was sued in federal court on Thursday by his ex-partner Cassie, who alleges years of rape, abuse and various other vile crimes. Diddy vehemently denies the allegations.

Cassie says that not long after the pair met in 2005, a cycle of abuse began. She says this involved him urging her to take ecstasy, ketamine and other drugs and forcing her to have sex with male prostitutes. He allegedly also had control over her life, down to owning her medical records and paying for her apartments and clothes.

There was allegedly one incident in 2009 where when he saw Cassie talking to a talent agent, Diddy pushed her into a car and kicked her repeatedly to the point she was bleeding.

In early 2012, Cassie alleges that Diddy got so angry about her dating Kid Cudi that he threatened to blow up the rapper’s car. Around the same time, Cudi’s car blew up in his driveway, which he corroborates.

In 2018, Cassie says that Diddy forced his way into her home and raped her.

The suit says that Cassie was a victim of sex trafficking, sexual battery and sexual assault. Reportedly, Diddy offered Cassie eight figures to silence her and avoid the lawsuit, but she denied it.

We’ll update you as more details come to the light.

via NYT