Carsn. Reveals Why He Named His Debut Album Mixed 3motions

Carsn. Reveals Why He Named His Debut Album Mixed 3motions


Promising new rapper and songwriter Carsn. premiered his 14-track debut album Mixed 3motions. The record includes “Dreaming On My Side,” “Walk This 3arth Alone,” “Lonely $toner,” “Dr. Strange,” “Christmas Rains Occasionally,” “Come Alive 4 Me,” and the much-loved singles “General Gentleman” and “Rip Away.” 

In a recent interview with Stereo Saints, Carsn. spoke about the feelings and emotions he was going through while working on the album. “A whole range of emotions, probably every emotion you can imagine,” admits the young talent, explaining, “ That was the idea behind the title. I hope people hear it and are able to get an idea of who I am and the story behind each song. More than anything I just hope people can vibe to it in the car late at night while driving, that’s how I viewed listening to it while making it.”

Carsn. adds: “It was so all over the place, that’s why the title is Mixed Emotions after all.” He says: “I think by trying new things I was able to come away from all these songs with a new perspective. I will say I have never once made a project and looked back at it and thought it was amazing. As an artist you tend to hear the songs you make so many times that you start to hate it by the time it comes out because you’ve had time to critique it over and over again.”

He continues: “It’s not really something many think about but it’s something that I’ve had a hard time with before this release. So, I’d say that I’ve evolved a bit in this area by learning to remember what the feeling was like after the first time I heard the final copy of a song and just move forward to the next one. In other words, I’ve learned to not overthink what I’m putting out and just be myself because that’s what listeners want to hear.”

Incorporating New School, Indie, Melodic Rap, Southern Hip Hop, Pop, and Alternative sounds into his songs, Carsn. has been influenced by the likes of Smino, Yung Lean, Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, and Channel Tres. Mixed 3motions showcases the artist’s versatility and gives listeners an idea of his authentic self.

Listen to Mixed 3motions here: