Zaina Releases New Single “SKY IS THE LIMIT”.

Zaina Releases New Single “SKY IS THE LIMIT”.


(June 9th 2022 – Orlando, Florida) Up and coming pop-fusion artist Zaina has released her latest song “Sky Is The Limit” – out now on all major streaming platforms.

Written by Zaina and produced by The Online Recording Studio, “Sky Is The Limit” is a beat-heavy anthem which is a fusion of pop, dance and dubstep. The combination of Zaina’s up-beat lyrics, strong voice and masterful production skills give this colorful new tune all the makings of a summer hit.

“Sky Is The Limit” marked the very beginning of Zaina’s music Career. It was the very first song she ever wrote but never released. She wrote “Sky Is The Limit” to document her commitment to music during a period of transition in her life. She had recently quit her corporate job, started her own business and for the first time was dedicated to fully living life on her own terms which included finally pursuing a music career

She says.: “This song is about any new challenging journey in life, the ups and downs, being aware of your own potential, and knowing that anything is possible when you are determined.”

Zaina is inspired by music from the 80s and loves listening to music from all corners of the globe.

She says: “I am Middle Eastern so I love Arabic sounds and instruments. I have a passion for Latin dancing and Latin music as it’s my favorite night life activity. My obsession with travel makes me curious and highly passionate about world music. Some favorites I listen to are Salsa/Bachata, Albanian pop, Greek music, and of course Arabic Music.”

She’s also influenced by fellow female artists Sia and Rhianna, admiring both the variety in their music and their authenticity as artists. Zaina always strives to convey a positive message in her music, and hopes that her music will in turn inspire others.

She adds: “My music authentically reflects me, my thoughts and my journey. I hope to make music that can aid in the healing and well-being of everyone who listens to it. Aside from entertaining, I want to comfort and inspire people to be themselves and live their best life. I think we all need more of that.”

This latest release follows on from Zaina’s three previous singles “Voices”, “No One Knows” and “Dance All Night.” She’s got more music in the pipeline as well as a few other projects in the works, including a new release which she hopes will help listeners manifest their soulmate. Zaina’s music is magical and she is a powerhouse in the making. She is one to watch.

About Zaina

Zaina has loved singing, dancing and entertaining ever since she was a child but missed many opportunities for a music career until the year 2020 when she met her first Manager Friday. The timing aligned perfectly and she was finally able to take her music to the next level and release her first single in June 2021.

Zaina was born in Damascus, Syria and migrated to Los Angeles in 1989 where she grew-up and lived for close to twenty years before relocating to Northern Florida. In 2019, she relocated to Orlando to launch her Real Estate business. This is where she currently resides.

She’s constantly writing down new lyrical notes as they come to her, and currently records all of her music at her local studio Lion House Music. Her musical tastes span the globe, and she’s looking to incorporate more international sounds into her future work.

About The Online Recording Studio

The Online Recording Studio was founded in 2017 in Leeds, UK. It has since become a globally renowned platform for artists and musicians to have their songs professionally produced, mixed and mastered. The Online Recording Studio works with a global team of highly experienced industry professionals and its artists have gone on to secure more than 20 million streams, placements in Netflix and Hulu shows, along with major motion pictures and topped charts around the world.

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