‘You’re A Bamboozling, Lying Bastard’: Catfish’s First Virtual Episode Featured Plenty Of Vitriol

‘You’re A Bamboozling, Lying Bastard’: Catfish’s First Virtual Episode Featured Plenty Of Vitriol


A Catfish made captive by the COVID-19 pandemic nevertheless went wild on the show’s very first all-virtual episode, generating one of the most memorable arguments (and some of the sassiest one-liners) in the show’s history.

On the first quarantine-steeped episode, Nev and Kamie — who were both cooped up in their homes — arranged a video chat with a man named Jason, a stylist in Los Angeles who’d been talking to Keith, a Detroit-based model, for two years. Jason said Keith first reached out to him on Instagram, and that the sparks were instantaneous. In fact, Jason was talking marriage.

The problem? Keith, of course, had been evasive, refusing to video chat and even ghosting Jason in Detroit after the two agreed to meet. Jason even once sent Keith $800 to buy a new phone, but still, Keith still refused to video chat.

There was one more glaring red flag: Keith’s Instagram page, which only had about 100 followers, seemed to include images of at least three different men. And sure enough, Nev and Kamie’s reverse-image searches yielded some damning results. One of the photos on Keith’s Instagram page belonged to NFL player Ray Edwards, a second belonged to a fashion influencer named Donnell and a third belonged to a personal trainer named Moses.

“This changes everything,” Jason said through tears after getting the news. “I feel like a fool, almost, because I should have picked up on this.”

Finally, after some work by Nev and Kamie, Keith agreed to video chat. Once connected, Keith admitted his real name was Tayy and claimed he hadn’t intended to hurt Jason.

“I didn’t mean to catfish you — this is not a fish fry,” Tayy said. “But that’s the only way that I could get witchu.”

Tayy went on to say that he and Jason had met before in bars in LA and that even though he’d given Jason his number, Jason never called or texted.

But Jason — who denied the accusation — began a tirade that would go down in Catfish history. Things got especially heated when Tayy admitted that he had a fiancé but was “attracted to [Jason’s] lifestyle and what he brings to the table.”

“F*ck you,” Jason said. “Tell your little boo to go get him a f*cking job so he can get you your lifestyle that you want to have, which is the one that I currently live, which neither one of you bitches is gonna get. You’re just a bamboozling, lying bastard.”

Tayy continued to talk in circles and even temporarily left the video chat so that Jason could cool off, but composure remained in short supply.

“Guess what, honey? There’s no motherf***ing tickets to your show,” Jason said. “Nobody is sitting in the front row.”

Understandably, things did not go smoothly once Tayy returned to the chat and gaslighted the group by claiming, “Y’all have ruined everything for me.”


Jason, reliably stern, wouldn’t give Tayy an inch. “Nobody ruined anything for you,” he said. “I don’t want you to contact me; I don’t want you to inbox me. I want you to block my page.”

Kamie hoped for the same. “Is it possible to kick him out of the meeting?” she asked.

And so, with a single click, Tayy got video-chat bounced. Then, in a catch-up segment, production noted that Tayy’s fiancé bounced once he found out about Tayy’s infidelity, breaking up with him. Shocked?

Nah, we aren’t either. Still, there was a lot to chew on in the episode — what did you think about Nev and Kamie’s latest caper? Share your thoughts, then keep watching Catfish every Wednesday at 8/7c.