See Ya, Siesta Key: Should Madisson Head To LA For Ish?

See Ya, Siesta Key: Should Madisson Head To LA For Ish?


Madisson got a special Siesta Key holiday surprise: Santa Ish traveled to Florida to be with his ladylove. And since the lovebirds had not seen each other in a while — the former SK producer had been working on a television series away from his home of Los Angeles for months — the two contemplated their future (a baby perhaps?) and where they would live.

“It’s tough thinking that you will be on the road most of the year,” Madisson confessed to Ish at the gang’s Christmas party. “And I’m going to be alone in LA with no friends, no family.”

Ish assured Madisson that she would branch out in the City of Angels and that if she truly wanted to pursue her passion to act, Tinseltown is the spot to be.

“But I don’t think we need to figure that out right now,” he added.

However, Madisson disagreed and asked him if he would consider living in Siesta Key because the prospect of being in California was a major step for her.

“I don’t know, because that’s a big move for me,” Ish said. “Look where you are now — you’re at home with your dad. But you’re trying to focus on your career, which is acting. I get your family is here and people you love, but you’re not throwing that away.”

The two were ultimately interrupted by Chloe, who wanted to chat with Madisson about their ongoing tension. But Mad and Ish will have to reevaluate everything sooner or later. So does Madisson need to “put this into perspective” like Ish is suggesting and leave the nest? Or can Ish live anywhere — since he isn’t home much regardless? Tell us what you think, then do not miss Siesta Key finale on Tuesday at 8/7c.