Young Thug Bet Lots Of Money On The Superbowl & Won Big

Young Thug Bet Lots Of Money On The Superbowl & Won Big


Young Thug is prone to reminding us how rich he is. On “Just How It Is”, the opener of his latest album, he frames his fortune as inevitable: 

“I came from rags to riches, I’m the shit
I can no longer disguise it, bitch, ’cause I’m rich
I got cars galore, lil’ bitch, ’cause I’m rich
I escaped every one of the licks ’cause I was supposed to be rich”

As if he doesn’t highlight the disparity between his own wealth and that of the average person enough in his music, he does so on social media as well. He took to Instagram to detail the heft of his Superbowl LIV bet and the magnitude of his winnings. On his story, Thugger said that he bet $250,000 on Sunday night’s game, which obviously must’ve been placed on the Kansas City Chiefs given his celebration. “I betted a quarter. I betted 250 racks. I won 620.” he boasted to his phone’s front camera. After showing his good friend Gunna sitting beside him, he flipped the camera to the Chief’s celebration on the TV. “We don’t lose,” he proclaimed. “All we do is win.”

It’s good to see that Thug is back in good spirits and good health after landing up in the hospital last week for an unknown reason.