Young M.A Reveals That "Ooouuu" Forced Her To Rebrand: "I Was Chasing A Hit"

Young M.A Reveals That "Ooouuu" Forced Her To Rebrand: "I Was Chasing A Hit"


In 2014, Young M.A‘s “ChiRaq” freestyle allowed her to become one of the most coveted lyricists of her class. Two years later, the Brooklyn emcee found commercial success with her hit single “Ooouuu” which found its way to the Billboard Hot 100 Chart peaking at the number nineteen slot. However, with so much so commercial success early in her career, Young M.A struggled to regain the traction she had gained from the highly-popularized bar-driven track. 

Recently, the “PettyWap” rapper took her talents to SiriusXM’s Hip-Hop Nation radio show to briefly discuss how the success of “Ooouuu” tainted her creative process and how she was able to remain resilient while critics patiently waited for her resurgence. Young M.A stated the following response to her early achievements in the industry:

“You know you’re human. This is the first time scene, fame is hitting you crazy, you gotta big record… This is all new to me and surreal at the same time, you know? You get left in a position where it’s like, ‘oh, this is the formula, this is what I’m supposed to do!’ You get caught up in that mind frame. That’s where I had to like discipline myself in a way and challenge myself to get out of that zone and go back to what I did before the hit. You know what I mean being in a creative zone and making music for myself. Not just what people want to hear.”

Young M.A also spoke her drastic lifestyle change in regards to her health and influence over the youth which eventually led to her rebranding her image. With the success of her debut album, Herstory in the Making (2019), the New York emcee has single-handedly proven she’s worthy of her own lane in the hip-hop realm. Check out the full clip from Young M.A’s SiriusXM interview in the video provided below.