Will Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Finally Reunite With Her Mother?

Will Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Finally Reunite With Her Mother?


Kailyn “completely” cut off her mom Suzi one year ago after documenting several ups and many downs through the Teen Mom 2 years. But during tonight’s episode, the mother of three received a very unexpected phone call from her absent parent.

“My mom is calling me,” Kail declared, while she was getting her hair done. “I’m going to have to step out.”

But what made Suzi attempting contact even more intriguing was the fact that her mother (Kail’s grandmother) had recently died — and Suzi did not attend the funeral in Texas. And there was also a podcast, which Kail recorded two days prior, with her co-host Lindsie and a psychic medium named Monica.

“Does your mom have a drinking problem?” Monica asked, which Kail confirmed. “I got this feeling of she’s not always really fully with it. And I feel like she also struggles with some sort of mental illness. At a soul level, she’s a really good person. Deep down.”

“My mom is a really good person,” Kail stated.

And then Monica grew emotional.

“Even though you might not have a relationship with her, the love that your mother has for you — even if you can never have a relationship, don’t ever for a second think that she doesn’t love you,” Monica said, while Kail wiped away tears. “The only thing that keeps her going in her life is the thought of knowing that you’re out there.”

Fast-forward 48 hours later with Kail being stunned about Suzi reaching out — and their exchange, which will happen on next week’s episode. What will happen between the mother-daughter duo? And will they reconnect — something Kail has expressed a desire for in the past? Do not miss Teen Mom 2 next Tuesday at 8/7c.