Wifisfuneral Called Russ A "Trash Rapper" Due To Insensitivity Over Lil Peep

Wifisfuneral Called Russ A "Trash Rapper" Due To Insensitivity Over Lil Peep


In their series Arts & Raps, All Def Music features a rap artist who answers questions from kids as they break out the crafts and spark conversation. On Wififuneral’s February 2018 episode, he was asked who he thinks is a “trash rapper.” Without much hesitation, the New York artist said “Russ,” and thus ignited a back-and-forth feud between the two.

Russ later sat down with Joe Budden for his Pull Up series and spoke about the beef. “[Wifisfuneral] is one of these rappers, I’ve never met,” he said. “I don’t know you and you’re talking sh*t. It’s kinda one of those things where like you’re joining in on, ‘Oh wait, we’re all making fun of Russ. Cool, here’s my joke too.’ You don’t realize there are consequences to that.”

In a recent chat with VladTV, Wifisfuneral was asked why he mentioned Russ’s name in the first place. According to the rapper, it all stemmed from Russ’s alleged insensitive remarks and behavior toward Lil Peep after the late rapper’s overdose. “I think he’s very misconstrued on what exactly my issue is with him,” Wifi began. “I really don’t got a problem with his music at all. I personally, from the bottom of my heart, I don’t really care for his music. I know he doesn’t care for mine, so we don’t lose on that end at all. Second of all, I never knew that somebody would feel so offended by my words. Never thought that I would have that much power to offend somebody.”

“Third of all, the reason why I actually said that was not because it was a trend and not because you know, people were at the time saying like, ‘Oh, f*ck Russ.‘ Imma drug addict. Straight up and down. We’re just gon’ address it like that,” Wifi said, before adding that Russ’s anti-drug Twitter rant following Peep’s death upset him. Russ also reportedly wore a shirt that said, “How much Xans and Lean do you have to do before you realize you’re a f*cking loser.” 

Wifi continued, “So you mean to tell me that people who have problems like me, people who have problems like Peep, people who have problems like, you know…we’re legit losers? So me expressing my pain because every form or way that I’ve tried to do it is just not working for me, I’m a loser for that? Alright, well f*ck you then.” Watch his full explanation below.