Why Teen Mom 2’s Briana Ended Her Engagement To Javi

Why Teen Mom 2’s Briana Ended Her Engagement To Javi


Briana’s engagement to Javi was not featured on Teen Mom 2 — and the final argument leading to their eventual split was not filmed either. But, the fallout — specifically, her side of the story — was featured on tonight’s episode.

So what was the main cause of the fateful disagreement, which unfolded while they were on a family vacation a few hours away? Briana appearing on Chris’ podcast in Philadelphia.

“The icing on the cake for him was the [Ashley’s Reality Roundup] article that came out,” Briana rehashed with her sister Brittany and mom Roxanne, as a screengrab of the headline “Chris Lopez Signs a Teen Mom 2 Contract; Does Podcast Episode with Kail Lowry’s Nemesis Briana DeJesus” was featured on-screen. “The article says MTV wasn’t there, and he thought I lied to him about it. I was like, ‘I’m not doing this with you. You’re way too insecure for me.'”

Cameras were present for the aforementioned incident (the conversation was featured in last week’s installment), and Briana opted to bring Shirley instead of her then-fiancé on the trip to Philly. As for the ring? Briana gave it back to Javi because he asked for it. Well, she did not exactly put the jewelry nicely in his hand or back in a box.

“I threw it. I was like, ‘It’s outside — go look for it,'” Briana stated, to which Roxanne replied with an exasperated, “Oh my God, Briana.”

And while this romance just ended, Briana already knows what characteristics she wants in a future partner.

“I need somebody that’s going to be confident,” she explained, just before beginning to cry. “That’s going to be like ‘Okay, baby, go do your thing. I’ll be here waiting for you.’ And he’s not like that.”

In a separate diary cam scene, Bri was asked by a producer if she had been “genuinely happy to be engaged.” Briana responded without a word and simply shook her head no. The breakup seems pretty final (she never wants to speak to him again), so how will Bri move on? Keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 8/7c.