Why Kail Is ‘No Longer’ Filming Teen Mom 2

Why Kail Is ‘No Longer’ Filming Teen Mom 2


Kail has made a major decision about her involvement on Teen Mom 2.

Over the years, the mom of four’s ex Chris was the only one of her children’s fathers who chose to not be featured on the show (save for a few moments). But now, the young dad is indeed appearing on-camera, with his official debut centering around Briana appearing on his podcast — and the move caused immediate fallout.

“After the podcast was recorded, Kail learned Chris was participating in the series,” a message read at the conclusion of tonight’s installment. “She informed production that she will no longer be filming.”

Kail was not featured in the episode, so viewers were not able to see her react to the Chris news or discuss her choice. The last scene she appeared in was a candid conversation with producer Brendan.

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