Welcome To ‘Lake Life’: Introducing The Buckhead Shore Cast

Welcome To ‘Lake Life’: Introducing The Buckhead Shore Cast


What happens when you put a “Head Buck,” a “King of Clubs,” a “Queen Bae,” and “Music Royalty” in a lake house with their pals in Buckhead, Georgia? A brand-new MTV shore adventure.

Buckhead Shore, premiering on June 23, will follow the lives of a group of friends making a name for themselves in the “Beverly Hills of the South.” So what’s in store for the Peach State-based shenanigans? Getting wild, letting loose and a love triangle, of course.

“Stop telling two girls you’re in love with them,” a cast member says about her cohorts in the first look above.

It’s not entirely clear who is involved in this juicy scenario (!), but before we find out, get to know the full Buckhead Shore cast below (in alphabetical order), and do not miss the series premiere on Thursday, June 23 at 9/8 (right after the return of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation).

  • Adamo Giraldo

    “Fun and feisty” Adamo is the life of the party who never fails to have a good time. But despite wanting some escapist fun at the lake house, Adamo must navigate not only a new relationship but also the desire to reveal his true self to his mother.

  • Bethania Locke

    The “heart of the lake” amongst the friend circle, Bethania is often viewed as the voice of reason and mediator when the waters start getting choppy. Raised in a strict Ethiopian/Jamaican household, she only recently lost her virginity and is eager to fully venture into the world of dating. But emotions run high when her longtime friend — and recent hook-up – joins the group at the lake house.

  • Chelsea Prescott

    When the friend group thinks of Chelsea, two words immediately come to mind — “charm and chaos.” Hoping to live her best life at the lake house, where she can fully embrace her bubbly and magnetic personality, she finds herself in numerous precarious situations. She quickly realizes this getaway might be no vacation.

  • DJ Simmons

    DJ is considered by many to be “music royalty,” growing up as the son of Grammy-award winning music producer/songwriter Daryl Simmons. With big shoes to fill, he hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps but is distracted by the temptations of parties, friends, and lake life.

  • Juju Barney

    “King of clubs” Juju hails from Atlanta royalty as the son of the owner of the world-famous strip club Magic City. Charming and suave, Juju is known in the group for his outlandish quips and easy-going personality. But when Juju gets some shocking news about the family business, will he be able to transition from party mode back to boss mode?

  • Katie Canham

    Katie may look like she has the perfect life from the outside, but the friend group’s “queen bae” has had her share of challenges, recently losing her mother and struggling to figure out her career path. Coming to the lake, she’s looking for a fresh start…even if that means vacationing with her ex-boyfriend of four years, Parker, in his house!

  • Pat Muresan

    Pat is one of Parker’s closest and most trusted allies. Whenever Parker finds himself in a predicament (quite often), he can always count on Pat to have his back and be one of his “bodyguards” to protect him from trouble – just as long as Pat isn’t the one causing it!

  • Parker Lipman

    Parker considers himself the “head buck” of the group. A self-proclaimed mama’s boy whose family owns the Zaxby’s chicken fast-food chain, he hosts a yearly summer getaway for his friends at his family’s lake house in upstate Georgia. Parker can’t seem to stay out of trouble this summer, especially as he tries to navigate having his girlfriend and ex living under one roof.

  • Savannah Gabriel

    Despite only having lived in Buckhead for a few years now, Savannah is “making waves” in the friend group for her sweet yet spicy personality. Currently, the woman rocking Parker’s chicken chain, she must not only manage their relatively new relationship but also how to handle being around Parker’s ex, Katie.