Watch Justin Bieber Perform "Yummy" On "SNL"

Watch Justin Bieber Perform "Yummy" On "SNL"


For the first time in seven years, Justin Bieber returned to grace the Saturday Night Live stage as musical guest. Naturally, Bieber took the opportunity to continue pushing his forthcoming Changes album, opting to perform his latest “Yummy” selection for the crowd gathered in Studio 8H.

The project will officially get here on February 14th and is set to feature Kehlani, Summer Walker, Quavo and more. The recent appreanceon the show not only marked another step toward the arrival of Changes, but also made for a redeeming moment for the singer. The last time he was on the show in 2013, Bieber was pulling double duty as both host and musical guest.

Notably, members of the SNL cast revealed that he was was one of the worst-behaved hosts to comealong. 

“He just was in a bad place,” said actor and comedian Bill Hader in 2018. “Everybody’s usually on great behavior. Bieber is the only one in my experience […] He just seemed, like, exhausted or just at the end of a rope. I mean, he was just so huge.”

As of late, Bieber’s been focusing all his efforts on ensuring that all eyes are back onto his music. The NL stage isn’t a bad additon to such an equation.