Vince Staples Promotes “Meat Is Murder” Milkshake Alongside Vegan Burger Joint

Vince Staples Promotes “Meat Is Murder” Milkshake Alongside Vegan Burger Joint


Ramona Park representative and Motown Records signee, Vince Staples has become one of the most beloved personalities within the hip-hop community. The 26-year-old’s thoughts and concepts about society and the world, in general, have allowed him to become a standout figure in the culture while his music has become a must-listen fixture for hip-hop enthusiasts everywhere. Now, in partnership with the Los Angeles-based, vegan burger restaurant, Monty‘s Good Burger, Vince Staples is promoting the “Meat Is Murder” milkshake in support of the Monty & Friends Adoption Fund.  Vince Staples Promotes “Meat Is Murder” Milkshake Alongside Vegan Burger Joint

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

The “Meat Is Murder” milkshake is a dairy-free, soy-based beverage consisting of black cherry and charcoal ingredients that is not only healthy but delicious. Part of the proceeds for the milkshake will be donated towards animal adoption in Los Angeles. During a short promo video for the plant-based burger joint’s new drink, Vince Staples can be seen holding his canine friend, Monty, the rescue dog, as he states:

“Hey, Vince Staples and Monty here are here to let you know that every dead burger is a dead pet and every dead pet is a dead homie.” The Long Beach-bred musician continues, “Come down to Monty’s Good Burger to get the ‘Meat Is Murder’ shake produced by Vince Staples and Monty. A dollar goes to a charity that I forgot so it will be on the description of this video on the internet. Come on down.”

Vince Staples is currently in the process of monopolizing his person and is successfully do so with the success of his recently released series, The Vince Staples Show. For those of you on the west coast, specifically in the Los Angeles area, you can support animal adoption and the Monty & Friends Adoption Fund with the purchase of the “Meat Is Murder” milkshake at one of the three Monty’s Good Burger locations in Echo Park, Koreatown, and Riverside. This particular shake will only be available through the end of February. 

Check out Vince Staples “Meat Is Murder” milkshake promo in the video provided below.