Victoria Moralez Releases New Single “Eyes off the Prize”

Victoria Moralez Releases New Single “Eyes off the Prize”


Swedish artist Victoria Moralez sings about inner turmoil in her latest single “Eyes off the Prize”. Sometimes people build their lives around a dream — the prize — thinking that it would make them feel happy and fulfilled. However, they eventually realize that they are heading in the wrong direction. They know that they need to make a change even if they are scared of doing what it takes to free themselves. They need to build up the courage. Or perhaps they simply need to reach their breaking point.

In this song, the veteran singer Moralez seems to have reached hers. The lyrics are filled with cathartic lines. It is honest about feeling scared with all its physical manifestations: the trembling and the sweat. Yet the situation cannot go on because the secrets and the lies are just waiting to explode. The artists sings about longing for a happy home that just isn’t there. Whatever the current situation is, she is ready to walk away from it and find a new path. She will take her eyes off of the false prize and look for her true light. She just has to believe that it’s there.

This painful song starts off slow with strong ominous beats that allows the artist’s voice to be the focus. It builds to a fast pace as sadness gives way to frustration and resolution. “I’m so over this,” she sings with conviction. Anyone who has ever been trapped in a difficult situation can relate to this moment. There will be other dreams and other prizes in store for the future if only you could dare to break free.