Idris Lawal Releases New EP ‘Young, Black & Blue’

Idris Lawal Releases New EP ‘Young, Black & Blue’


Nigerian born and Toronto based artist Idris Lawal’s most recent EP “Young, Black & Blue” is garnering tons of rave reviews—and for good reason. Lawal grew up in the global community—Nigeria Qatar, South Arica, and Canada—so his music gives listeners a taste of many different cultures and sounds. And they’re loving it.

“Drop” is an addictive song full of afrobob beats and perfectly aligned trumpet highlights. Plus, the track features artists Sydneee Coft, Jelani Watson, and Kyu.

“Gung Ho” also blends a beautiful drum beat with a selection of brass instruments. Lawal raps in a way that is somehow both relaxing and heart wrenching—especially when he pleads fly me as high as the sun go. He keeps up the album’s momentum with the track “Medals” that expertly blends, piano, brass, and guitar. It’s the perfect song for a lazy summer night.

“Hey Colonizer” is a smoky, jazz tune with strong, emotional lyrics, while “Fools” is equally emotional, with a dark melody that projects the serious matter of the song. In it Lawal sings of a love in which both partners seek to fool and hurt each other.

“Omoge” is slightly more hopeful track, again incorporating an enchanting world music vibe that’s impossible not to love. We adored this song as soon as we heard the lyics: She walked by one morning; stole my gaze without no warnings; so graceful she’s been here before.

The album ends with the ethereal track “Heal,” featuring an interesting, almost echoed drum beat. The lyrics on this song are also really positive, which immediately resonates with all listeners.