Utah Carol Releases new single “Sugar Cane ASCAP”

Utah Carol Releases new single “Sugar Cane ASCAP”


Utah Carol recently released a new smash hit single, “Sugar Cane.” This inspiring, thoughtful track captures the essence of flower-child music fused with 80s New Wave. The steady guitar-picking strings and unique vocals overlap in a country-style ballad that is second to none. The band is comprised of Grant Birkenbeuel and JinJa Davis.

Together, they are synonymous with new music that intertwines eclectic pop, folk, and indie genres. The track is as mentally stimulating as it is smooth. This is one of those songs you will love to hear again and again on long road trips with family and friends.

There is an enchanting and lullaby-like vibe to this song with harmonizing melodic vocals. It’s almost as if you are floating in the air listening to this beloved ballad. With Western cowboy roots, the band’s name is just eye-catching and thought-inspiring. However, the duo is based in Second City, USA — Chicago, where they produce, arrange, perform, and publish most of their songs.

This fantastic single follows three successful albums from the band: Wonderwheel (1999), Comfort for the Traveler (2002), and Rodeo Queen (2007).

The group is currently working on new tracks for their upcoming EP.

While we anxiously await the new album’s arrival, “Sugar Cane” gives you a glimpse into the fantastic music and vocal talents that JinJa and Grant. Give your ears a real treat by clicking on the link below and experience this beautiful track that just captures the heart and soul!


Visit http://www.utahcarol.com/ to stream and purchase their three albums.

Meet the artist on their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/utahcarol for their commentary and updates on upcoming shows and merchandise!


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