Tupac & Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes "Never Had Sex," But She & Suge Knight Did

Tupac & Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes "Never Had Sex," But She & Suge Knight Did


The documentary series, Hopelessly In Love, which first aired on on Lifetime January 4th, has revealed plenty about famous celebrity couples of the past, including the tumultuous relationship between the late TLC rapper, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and football star, Andre Rison, in the 90s. Among the details shared, the truth about Lisa’s suspected affair with Tupac, who was friends with Andre, is brought to light, as well as a surprising revelation about Lisa and Tupac’s boss at the time, Suge Knight.

The documentary discusses how Lisa and Andre were in an “on-and-off relationship,” and would “fight often”  and “break up for months.” All parties, including Andre, wholeheartedly agree that Lisa was in love with Tupac, calling him “her soulmate” and noting that “if Tupac was willing to go there, then Lisa would have definitely dated [him].” However, despite countless suspicions over the years, everyone in the documentary confirms that Lisa never slept with Tupac. Though Andre, who “knew how Lisa felt about Pac,” claimed that “Lisa would always deny that she slept with Pac, and I still didn’t believe it,” another interviewee insists that “Tupac told Lisa in the very beginning, ‘Never let me sleep with you,’ and they stood by that.”

Tupac & Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes "Never Had Sex," But She & Suge Knight DidScott Gries/Getty Images

However, after Tupac’s death in 1996, “Lisa was devastated.” Though she and Andre got engaged, she quickly called off the wedding, and the two went their separate ways for good. When Lisa wanted to leave TLC and go in her own creative direction, she approached Suge Knight at Death Row Records, and they started working together. However, Suge reveals that their relationship was more than just professional. “…it was a sexual relationship, I had major love for her…I cared for her,” he revealed. Andre confirms that Lisa “had relations with Suge…and that’s just messy.” Messy, indeed.