Travis Scott ‘UTOPIA’ & Post Malone ‘Austin’ First Week Sales Projections

Travis Scott ‘UTOPIA’ & Post Malone ‘Austin’ First Week Sales Projections


Everybody has been wondering how well Travis Scott will perform commercially with his latest album Utopia, especially in light of the controversial Astroworld fest incident where fans lost their lives.

Utopia is a big sounding album with guest appearances from some of the world’s biggest superstars including Drake, The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, Future, 21 Savage, Beyonce and more. Today, we have a bit of an idea of what the album will do in the first week.

HDD projects that Travis’ latest album is set to do 245-275k from streaming alone, powered by first day-only streams north of 100 million in the U.S. The outlet notes that they don’t have any estimate of what the sales for physical copies of Utopia are moving through his official website, even though rumor says it is looking around 200k.

Remember, Travis is selling multiple versions of Utopia vinyls and CDs through his store. If we combine the number, Utopia could be looking at approximately 445-475k in the first week. Stay tuned for updates. The rapper shared the video for ‘God’s Country’ earlier today.

Post Malone’s new album Austin on the other hand, is projected to move about 100k in the first week.