Travis Scott Sings Kid Cudi’s Praises After Hitting #1

Travis Scott Sings Kid Cudi’s Praises After Hitting #1


There’s a case to be made that Travis Scott is currently one of the biggest rappers in the world — if that wasn’t already clear, look no further than his latest number-one single “The Scotts.” Yet this time, Travis didn’t secure the lofty position on his own — he had help from his fellow Scott, which is to say Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi.

Travis Scott Sings Kid Cudi's Praises After Hitting #1

Rich Fury/Getty Images

With talk of further collaborative work already circulating, fans were quick to embrace the pair of melodic rap titans and their new union. Now, with yet another top hit in his repertoire, Travis Scott took to Instagram to celebrate the man who helped him achieve it.  “Mannnnnnnn to be up here with this guy who took over the moon and brought joy into this world is everything!!!” writes Scott, alluding to Kid Cudi’s classic debut Man On The Moon. “The rage. Mannn love every single person out there that listen and have been on this journey. So inspired to make [fire].”

If you haven’t yet checked out “The Scotts,” which originally premiered during Travis Scott’s recent Fortnite-hosted digital concert, be sure to do so right here. In the meantime, look for new music from both parties to surface in the coming months. Travis has been hard at work making beats in the studio, while Cudi has been steadily teasing his upcoming Entergalactic drop. Congratulations to both parties for a job well done.