Tory Lanez & Jack Nicholson Form A Bond During Lakers Game

Tory Lanez & Jack Nicholson Form A Bond During Lakers Game


Basketball brings people together. Especially for those who find themselves sitting courtside, rubbing shoulders with all matter of high profile sports fans. For Tory Lanez, who recently hit the Staples Center to catch the Lakers vs. Knicks game, an unexpected friendship was forged on the sidelines. A friendship with none other than Jack Nicholson, arguably one of the greatest actors of all time. TMZ shared some images from their encounter, one of which depicts both parties posing in a gleeful state. 

It’s unclear as to what brought them together, or whether Nicholson was familiar with any of Lanez’ music; one can assume Lanez knew a thing or two about Jack’s repertoire, given his appearances in classics like The Shining, The Departed, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, and Chinatown. Perhaps the 82-year-old legend keeps Chixtape 5 in steady rotation, that is if he doesn’t prefer when Tory spits bars. 

Aside from the budding bromance of Tory and Jack, TMZ confirms that an abundance of celebrities were also in attendance. Jimmy Iovine, Hannibal Burress, Michael Che, and Andy Garcia among them. Check out the pictures over at TMZ, while we wonder what the pair might have discussed during LeBron Jame’s absolute clinic.