These ‘Brokenhearted’ Singles Are About To Be Blindsided By Their Exes

These ‘Brokenhearted’ Singles Are About To Be Blindsided By Their Exes


Screaming “I’m done!” at your ex can’t be a positive sign of rekindling a romance.

A brand-new season of Ex on the Beach is premiering on March 31 (a first look can be seen below) featuring reality TV stars from Love Island, Big Brother, Too Hot To Handle, World of Dance, The Challenge, Double Shot at Love and Paradise Hotel. Will the spark between the former partners re-ignite — or will it be ex-tinguished for good?

Who will be making waves ex on the beach? Get to know the cast, below, and do not miss the global phenomenon returning on Thursday, March 31 at 8/7c!


  • Derynn Paige (Double Shot at Love)
  • Ray Gantt (Love Island)
  • Da’Vonne Rogers (Big Brother & The Challenge)
  • Bryce Hirschberg (Too Hot To Handle)
  • David Barta (Paradise Hotel)
  • Kyra Green (Love Island)
  • Arisce Wanzer (Strut)
  • Jonathan Troncoso (World of Dance)
  • Ranin Karim
  • Alain Lorenzo


  • Nicole O’Brien (Too Hot To Handle)
  • Caro Viee (Love Island)
  • Emily Salch (Love Island)
  • Sher (Love Island)
  • Kat Dunn (Big Brother)
  • Jamar Lee (Big Brother Canada)
  • Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao (Big Brother Canada)
  • Ricky Rogers (Double Shot at Love)
  • Mike Mulderrig (Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club)
  • Dani Coco
  • Elias
  • Nicole Amelia
  • Joelle Brian
  • Alexis Christina