‘That Was So F*cked Up’: Here’s How Angelina Reacted After Her Jersey Shore Bridesmaids Gave That Wedding Speech

‘That Was So F*cked Up’: Here’s How Angelina Reacted After Her Jersey Shore Bridesmaids Gave That Wedding Speech



Tonight’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation featured the aftermath of Deena, JWOWW, and Snooki’s infamous wedding speech for Angelina, which ended with a bevy of boos from the Staten Island crowd and a “that was so f*cked up” from the bride.

“I know that my husband that I just married is extremely hurt that these girls are saying this about his wife,” Angelina said. “It’s the wrong f*cking place; it’s the wrong time. You don’t do this at somebody’s wedding.”

Here’s what else went down:

  • Angelina gets pissed…

    The bride initially laughed off the “jokes,” but then it hit her. Though Chris encouraged Ang to not let it ruin her night, she wasn’t having it, dubbing the bridesmaids’ presentation “corny” and “f*cked up.”

  • …and walks out of her own wedding

    Angelina proceeded to grab Chris and “go outside and flip out” on producers, the camera crew, her lawyer, and various members of her team — for an hour. “That was so distasteful. I’m never gonna film ever again,” she said.

  • Word spreads that Angelina isn’t happy

    As the girls reckoned with being booed off stage, they realized their roommate was less than thrilled. “I feel like I ruined her wedding. [But] there was not one ounce of ill will walking up to that stage,” said JWOWW, while Snooki noted, “We were never intentionally trying to ruin someone’s wedding, especially hers. “

  • The bridesmaids cry (and want to peace out)

    After a series of text messages to Ang went unanswered, a mortified, teary-eyed Jenni was desperate to leave (as was Deena), while Nicole compared the “awkward” experience to being “in hell.”

  • The guys rethink their performance

    According to Mike, “The original plan was for the fellas to jump out of [a giant] box and do this dance routine.” But due to a fuming bride and the particularly “negative” crowd, R.S.V.P. opted to go a different route by giving a heartfelt speech.

  • Chris convinces Angelina to return to the wedding

    Eventually, the groom got his bride to make the most of their milestone event. “It’s me and you against the world,” Chris said. “Let’s have fun with our real friends and family.” While walking to cut the cake, Angelina vowed “to not let these girls ruin my day and take the whole entire night from me.”

  • Deena’s apology backfires

    All seemed well when the guys emerged from that enormous box and officially welcomed the couple to the Jersey Shore family, convincing Angelina to “let go and have fun.” But then Deena tried to settle things with Angelina, who declared it “too soon” for an olive branch. “Just go. I want you out of my life,” she snapped. An emotionally exhausted Deena then announced that she was “done,” adding, “I am letting everybody know right now that I will never film with her again.”

  • Snooki says she’s quitting

    The evening concluded with a somber Snooki stating: “I’m quitting, I think. I think this is it. This is not fun.” In tears, she continued, “I just love my roomies always. Jersey Shore is literally my life, like I never would have met my best friends. So the fact that it has to end like this for me really sucks.”

In the words of Pauly D, “I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen. The family is torn apart right now.” Cue all the tears as we sob into our jar of pickles — and stay with MTV for more updates on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.