‘Sexy Time’: This Couple Just Became The Very First To Hook Up On Double Shot Season 2

‘Sexy Time’: This Couple Just Became The Very First To Hook Up On Double Shot Season 2


The third night was “the charm” for Double Shot at Love, bringing Season 2’s very first hookup.

On tonight’s episode, Brandon hit a “home run” (his explanation) with Marissa after he pivoted from saying he wanted something casual (while partying at Drai’s earlier in the day) to saying he would consider marrying her (when the group was at Chateau several hours later).

“Wait, what?” is how Marissa reacted — just like us.

Meanwhile, B-Lashes worried her East Coast, Beast Coast Crew member was “playing with fire.” Regardless, after getting cozy-ish in the club, Marissa tried not to resit and cave in to Brandon — but soon, they were in bed and, according to Mealissa, “Yeah.”

The next morning, Hugh Hefner Brandon wore his “sex robe” and told DJ Pauly D he had had “sexy time” with Mar. Marissa (and her T-shirt) wanted to “fuggedaboutit” and not think about what transpired in the sack. But leave it to Vinny, who has been in this type of situation before, to explain it all perfectly after Pauly gave him the 411.

“When you hook up with somebody in the house, it can definitely cause problems,” Vin stated, as Jersey Shore footage of him getting intimate with Angelina played. “[Brandon] sh*t where he slept.”

So “it” happened…and pretty quickly. Looking back, was Marissa shocked “it” happened when it did? So many it’s…

“I definitely was surprised by the speed of my interest in Brandon, because usually I will see a guy and think he’s cute, whatever,” she told MTV News. “The situation was definitely different from what I’m used to. It definitely happened fast, but I don’t regret it.” She then added that Brandon’s best traits are “his personality and his heart.”

Did you expect Marissa and Brandon to be the first hookup — and so swiftly? Sound off, then keep watching them — and the rest of the Vegas crew — every Thursday at the new time of 8/7c.