Teenear releases new single “Ain’t Mine”

Teenear releases new single “Ain’t Mine”


Talented newcomer and sultry R&B goddess, Teenear has just released her new single “Ain’t Mine” on YouTube and all the usual streaming platforms.

This uptempo song is about female empowerment with a sensual undertone. To market the single, the artist made four artfully produced music videos filmed by @trshmag. These all open in a type of movie sequence (across four mini episodes) with Teenear (playing different roles) being questioned by police about the sudden disappearance of NFL player D. Carter.

Single cover Art

Teenear (in character) asks the questioning officer, “Why am I even here?” Turns out she was one of the last women seen with the missing NFL player. The music video then quickly switches gears and into the song.

Teenear made four separate YouTube music videos for this single – each one with a different perspective. In episode one, the main female character “Love” is put in the hot seat in the police station after the sudden disappearance of missing NFL player D. Carter.

In episode 2, a new character is introduced: “Jane” who is the beautiful and seductive journalist, Jane who becomes part of the criminal investigation. Mini series episode 3 introduces another character “Amanda Marie” who is also brought into questioning by the detective in the story. The final episode in the series “Part 4 – The Verdict” neatly wraps up the storyline and closes the circle.

Talented singer/songwriter Teenear

Teenear’s new single “Ain’t Mine” is out now and streaming across all the usual platforms – and is a must-add to your playlists.

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