Teen Mom 2’s Jade Reveals That Sean Has Entered Rehab

Teen Mom 2’s Jade Reveals That Sean Has Entered Rehab


Jade and Sean’s long-term relationship seemed to be trending in a positive direction at the last Teen Mom 2 reunion: The couple revealed that therapy and space (he moved out of Jade’s home) had helped their communication. And even though they were not officially back together, there were no disagreements between the two about what had previously transpired, and he sweetly brought her a lovely bouquet of flowers on stage.

However, during tonight’s premiere, Kloie’s parents struggled yet again, and the young mom was left to “pick up all the pieces.”

“Sean broke down and said he had to go to rehab,” Jade confessed during a diary cam about the off-camera incident. “And next thing you know, he’s on a plane to Texas to start a three-month rehab program.”

Jade admitted she did not see this development coming and was unaware that drugs were back in his life (he has struggled with addiction in the past). But as she reflected on his recent behavior and relapse, the warning signs were present.

“I think it was the not wanting to work. He was very much distancing himself,” Jade added about Sean being unable to secure a job. “You could just feel it in the house — the disconnect.”

How will Jade adjust without Sean? And how will their relationship change during Sean’s absence and eventual return? Keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 8/7c.