Teen Mom 2 Disappointment: Briana’s Daughter Suffered A Major Letdown On Her First Day of School

Teen Mom 2 Disappointment: Briana’s Daughter Suffered A Major Letdown On Her First Day of School


Briana did not grow up with her father, and the Teen Mom 2 mother of two has made efforts through the years to make sure this trend does not continue with her own little girls. Now, during tonight’s episode, one father was present for an important milestone day in his daughter’s young life — while the other opted to not attend.

A brand-new school year was about to begin, and Briana asked Nova and Stella if they would like their fathers to be present. She communicated the information to her exes Devoin and Luis prior to the inaugural day and stated she “did her part.” Initially, Luis asked what time he could see Stella after the big day because an early drop-off didn’t work for him. And Devoin? Briana said she was “sure” he would be there for Nova. Meanwhile, Roxanne took matters into her own hands and sent Luis a text urging him to show up for his little girl (the grandmother does like to assert herself with him). Briana was unhappy with her mother’s actions, but he messaged that he had already spoken to Bri and committed to a 6:30am arrival.

Luis stuck to his word. The visit may have been brief and Stella was barely awake (not a morning person like her daddy), but he gave her a gift bag and wished her well in person on her first day of pre-K.

Devoin’s behavior was a different story: He texted Briana that morning asking if he could take Nova to school himself, but when the new fourth-grader (growing so fast) was asked her preference, she stated she wanted to go with Bri and the rest of the family. Devoin was not featured in the episode to tell his side, but Briana guessed the reason he eventually didn’t show up.

“I told Devoin that, and I think that hurt his feelings and he just didn’t show,” Bri reflected in a diary cam. “I think Nova was definitely expecting Devoin, and since Devoin didn’t show up, he disappointed her.”

Even though Bri was “surprised” that Luis was there for his daughter, she wished both of her daughters had their dad’s support.

“Devoin didn’t even bother to reach out to me to see if there was a different time that he can come by to see Nova,” Bri stated. “And I don’t even think he contacted Nova to see how her day was. It sucks because Nova wants that attention from her father, and Devoin doesn’t always give it to her.”

Briana incorrectly predicted the outcome on this first day of school, so were you surprised, or did it unfold as you expected? Give your feedback, and keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 8/7c.