Syo Releases New Song ‘Get You Some’

Syo Releases New Song ‘Get You Some’


Emerging singer Syo is ready to level up on his motivational song “Get You Some.” 

Over a laid-back production, Syo tells a story about coming to terms with making sacrifices to achieve his ambitions. He’s hopeful his changed actions will lead him to reap the fruits of his hard work.

“Look at all these sacrifices / I just wanna flex sometimes / Travel with my friends sometimes / Dribble with my left sometimes,” Syo sings.

Syo pairs “Get You Some” with a serene visual directed by Amity Park Media, which can be viewed below.

“Get You Some” is lifted from Syo’s new album, Table Manners, out now. The nine-track album explores the concept of wanting what others have based on perception, with the realization to appreciate what’s on your plate. 

Syo’s “Table Manners” album cover

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, in a Nigerian household, Syo’s soulful sound is informed by artists such as Lauryn Hill, Sade and Kendrick Lamar, to name a few.

“My passion in music comes from a childhood need to be heard,” he states. “My parents never listened to me as a kid. I would get whooped for expressing emotion or thoughts. I eventually began to write them letters to explain how I felt about everything. But those got thrown away. That left me with a constant need to be heard, to be understood. Music became natural, lyrics became vital.”

Listen to Syo’s new song “Get You Some” below.