Survival Rates: Which Ex On The Beach Couple Has What It Takes To Last?

Survival Rates: Which Ex On The Beach Couple Has What It Takes To Last?


If love, like life, is a marathon and not a sprint, the cast of Ex on the Beach Season 5 has miles to go before they sleep. Still, there are a handful of romances that are showing some real promise in spite of adversity (and many cocktail tosses). So now that we’re at the halfway point, which couple do you think has the potential to go the distance?

During tonight’s episode, and after Dani finally gave up on rekindling her romance with David (“I think I got the wrong impression, and I am done after this,” she said as she left the beach in a hurry), there were three sparks that seemed intent on remaining aflame: Mike and Arisce’s, Derynn and Ricky’s and David and Kyra’s. And while each remained alight, each also faced an imminent risk ready to snuff them out.

Or, in the case of David and Kyra, several imminent risks. While the newest potential love story did, indeed, weather the storm of David’s ex Dani (even Derynn observed, “I feel like David and Kyra might be headed toward an actual relationship”), Kyra remained unsure that David, who she’s chalked up to a “football player” stereotype, is right for her. Beyond that, for as close as they’ve gotten, Kyra was left at the end of Episode 6 waiting for the arrival of her ex-girlfriend Emily.

“David is a really sweet guy,” Kyra said. “[But] an Ex is coming for me soon…Hopefully, David will be mature enough to go through that.”

And on the topic of maturity, Derynn and Ricky seem to have made the most progress. While Derynn seemed skeptical of Ricky upon his entrance to the house – noting that he may have been the first person in history to mess up an open relationship – Ricky has since made it his mission to win Derynn over by proving he’s serious about a relationship. And the fact that Ricky has kept his sights set on Derynn even amid the introduction of his Ex, Kat Dunn, has left Derynn nearly ready to let down her guard.

“I realized what I genuinely want in a partner, and it’s you,” Ricky said convincingly.

Finally, if there’s a wildcard in the group, it’s no doubt Mike and Arisce, who seem like soulmates some days and sworn enemies others. Mike’s insisted from the season’s start that he wants an exclusive relationship with Arisce, but his actions routinely say something to the contrary, and his gossiping about Arisce behind her back and kissing David have left Arisce wondering if Mike can be trusted. Are they meant to be as a couple? Are they simply settling because there aren’t more favorable alternatives in the house? They both seem to wonder constantly, but they’re nevertheless pressing forward.

So between these three couples – and considering all that the Singles and Exes have been through during their summer retreat – tell us which you think has the best chance of survival stateside, then watch Ex on the Beach every Thursday at 8/7c on MTV!