Siesta Key Hookup: Juliette May Have Just Pulled A Sam

Siesta Key Hookup: Juliette May Have Just Pulled A Sam


You know what they say: What goes around comes around… especially in Siesta Key.

Juliette was back to her jet-setting ways on tonight’s episode: Just days after returning home from Paris, she flew to Miami to cuddle with a boy and his dog “spend time with some friends.” Despite friend-zoning Sam, the two are still playing checkers hanging out, as he promptly greeted her with a welcome-home bottle of Pedialyte upon her return and “slept over.”

But that’s not what she’s telling her friends — the blonde maintained that she’s “done with Sam.”

“I’m just ready to move on. I forgot how annoying he was. He just thinks he’s in the right all the time, [and] I’m over it,” she told Lexie.

It wasn’t long before Sam’s buddy Mike was presented with a video of “Juliette chillin’ on top of a guy in Miami” taken on the same day she saw her ex, giving us flashbacks of Sam and Meghan (also) from Miami. Naturally, Sam was “heartbroken” over the news.

“This is not okay. The day she got home, within literally 20 minutes, we’re hooking up,” he said. “That means she was doing exactly what I was doing with Meghan and sh*t, except hiding and lying about it.”

But when asked about the video, Juliette got defensive.

“I told Sam we weren’t together. I didn’t do anything wrong,” she said. “He’s delusional. Do I need to apologize for that? We’re not dating. He’s f*cking delusional.”

Cue tell-it-like-it-is Cara: “Juliette, just own your sh*t.”

Retorted Juliette: “I mean, no disrespect, but it’s literally none of your business.”

Mic drop. So is it Cara’s business — or anyone else’s? Tell us what you think, then tune in next week at 9/8c for an all-new Siesta Key, featuring “the infamous Meghan.”