Siesta Key Hookup: Juliette May Have Just Pulled A Sam

Siesta Key Hookup: Juliette May Have Just Pulled A Sam


You know what they say: What goes around comes around… especially in Siesta Key.

Juliette was back to her jet-setting ways on tonight’s episode: Just days after returning home from Paris, she flew to Miami to¬†cuddle with a boy and his dog¬†“spend time with some friends.”¬†Despite friend-zoning Sam, the two are¬†still playing checkers hanging out, as he promptly greeted her with a welcome-home bottle of Pedialyte upon her return and “slept over.”

But that’s not what she’s telling her friends —¬†the blonde maintained that she’s “done with Sam.”

“I’m just ready to move on. I forgot how annoying he was. He just thinks he’s in the right all the time, [and] I’m over it,” she told Lexie.

It wasn’t long before Sam’s buddy Mike was presented with a¬†video of “Juliette chillin’ on top of a guy in Miami” taken on the same day¬†she saw her ex, giving us flashbacks of Sam and Meghan (also) from Miami.¬†Naturally,¬†Sam was “heartbroken” over the news.

“This is not okay. The day she got home, within literally 20 minutes, we’re hooking up,”¬†he said. “That means she was doing exactly what I was doing with Meghan and sh*t, except hiding and lying about it.”

But when asked about the video, Juliette got defensive.

“I told Sam we weren’t together. I didn’t do anything wrong,” she said. “He’s delusional. Do I need to apologize for that? We’re not dating. He’s f*cking delusional.”

Cue tell-it-like-it-is Cara: “Juliette, just own your sh*t.”

Retorted Juliette: “I mean, no disrespect, but it’s literally none of your business.”

Mic drop. So is it Cara’s business — or anyone else’s? Tell us what you think, then tune in next week at 9/8c for an all-new Siesta Key, featuring “the infamous Meghan.”