Summer Walker Teases New EP Whenever "The World Isn’t Ending"

Summer Walker Teases New EP Whenever "The World Isn’t Ending"


Summer Walker has accomplished a lot thus far in her relatively short career, shooting her way to super-stardom after Drake remixed her “Girls Need Love” record, and never coming down since. However, it hasn’t necessarily been all roses and sunshine for the star, who openly struggles with social anxiety so much so that she had to cancel her shows last year. Eventually, in February, it seems like things really started to take their toll on Summer as she announced she was quitting music, much to the dismay of her legions of fans.

Since Coronavirus quarantine started, Summer has been feeding fans a plethora of content on her alternate Instagram account (@galactawhore), everything from twerking in her “thot clothes” to acoustic covers of popular songs.

Summer Walker Teases New EP Whenever "The World Isn't Ending"

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Last night though, she took her account to give fans a little taste of some unreleased music she has in the stash, and it’s definitely stirred up some excitement for even more music.  

In the song, her vocals float along: “Mess up your white Tee, I’ll do you dirty, yeah, wish you could fuck on me, love, love, love on me,” she sings. It quickly ends there, in the next story she says: “Okay, I’m done with the unreleased music.”

Yet, there is more good news right after: “I’m gunna drop this EP…when I figure out that the world is not ending,” Summer says, referring to the global pandemic we’re all embroiled in.

No matter, this is extremely good news for Summer Walker fans, and it can only mean that she has not entirely quit music, at least not yet. We look forward to the EP, and we’ll keep you posted on any details surrounding it.