Summer Walker Gets Finessed With Fake Weed In Miami

Summer Walker Gets Finessed With Fake Weed In Miami


Summer Walker is about to slow things down this year, announcing to her fans that she’ll be chilling for much of 2020. When she returns, she promises to get more vulnerable than ever before in her music but, after experiencing the best year of her career thus far, Walker deserves to take some time to herself. Taking a recent trip to Miami, the highly-celebrated singer tried to score some weed from a local dealer but, apparently, she left the meet-up with a bag of oregano seasoning instead. After paying the dude $75, she was rightfully pretty pissed, taking to social media to vent her frustration.

What’s going on in Miami right now? First, DaBaby gets arrested for pouring apple juice on a concert promoter. Then, Trey Songz found himself wrapped up in a $10 million lawsuit stemming from an alleged sexual assault at a Miami party. Now, our girl Summer Walker takes a trip to the Sunshine State, tries to cop some weed, and leaves with grass clippings… Bruh.

“Watch out Miami, they out here selling people oregano seasoning,” says Summer in the video posted to her social pages. “$75 for some grass.” 

In her defense, she probably should have stuck her nose in the bag before taking off or, at least, she should have found a more reliable plug. Clearly, the dealer has no clue who Summer Walker is because, damn, why would you try and pull this on a celebrity?