Siesta Key Premiere: Juliette Wants To Move Out of Sam’s Mansion

Siesta Key Premiere: Juliette Wants To Move Out of Sam’s Mansion


The latest installment of the Siesta Key story has begun (and it’s not what anyone expected).

A lot went down during tonight’s premiere, and Juliette’s relationship with Sam was at the forefront of the drama — with some major decisions to be made. Just a few months after moving into Sam’s “multimillion-dollar mansion,” the show’s narrator found herself grappling with regret. With her “own career, dreams and aspirations” (aka her red-hot swimsuit label) on the line, she’s ready to break free of the lavish lifestyle — waterfront property and Cartier diamond watches included.

“After just moving in with Sam a few months ago, I was thinking about moving out of his beautiful house,” Juliette confessed. “I really wanted to focus on my business, and living at Sam’s meant friends coming over all the time. It was such a distraction.” 

Though she’s “not sure” exactly what she wants, Juliette acknowledged that this is all-too-familiar territory for her: “I also don’t want to be dependent on him, and I’m going to be if I don’t focus on myself. I’ve already been in the position where I’ve built my life around a guy, and I just don’t want to be in that position again.”

Cue Amanda, during a secret apartment-hunting sesh: “Well, you better make sure that’s what you really want. Because Sam’s gonna flip his sh*t when he finds out.”

So what was his reaction? When Juliette eventually came clean about needing her “own place” to focus on her business, Sam said it was all “kinda weird” to him. “We move in, and that was a huge deal — now you’re doing a mini-moveout or something,” he said. “That feels like taking a step back and regressing in our relationship instead of moving forward.” 

More will be revealed about Juliette and Sam’s status, but one romance that seems pretty rock solid is Chloe and her new boyfriend Chris, who are on a fairytale journey together through Sarasota, complete with mini-meditations and all the healing powers of nature. There’s nothing like a massive party to introduce a new fac to the Siesta Key crew, and Juliette’s bday was the perfect excuse to bring Chris into the mix. Chloe also took this opportunity to apologize to Jordana for her recent reunion faux pas: spilling the beans about the artist’s NYC hookup with Brandon. (Memo to Jordana and BG: What happens in New York… inevitably ends up on Siesta Key.)

“I am sorry that I got like that,” Chloe said. “You’re hurt; I’m hurt. Hurt people hurt people, so that’s really what’s going on here. You know I love you.”

But what the Concept by Chloe founder didn’t bank on was for Jordana’s new best friend Cara to be there and accuse her of “trying to manipulate the situation.” (You  might recall Chloe’s reunion apology to Cara over spreading rumors, which was “too little, too late” for the outspoken blonde.)

As for Brandon? Quincy’s dad has been laying low as of late, admitting that he’s “so tired of lying” and wants to “get back to being happy.” He’s working to follow Mama Jeannie’s advice by owning his past transgressions and began by apologizing to Camilla (again).

Mending fences — and relationship woes. Do not miss Siesta Key on Thursdays at 9/8c to see what happens next.