‘She Said Yes!’: How Jenni Broke Her Engagement News To The Jersey Shore Roomies

‘She Said Yes!’: How Jenni Broke Her Engagement News To The Jersey Shore Roomies


Thanks to Jenni and Zack, the Poconos family vacation just began with a mini-celebration.

“Sorry we were late — we were f*cking around and got engaged,” the Jersey Shore mother of two declared as they sat down for dinner with DJ Pauly D, Nikki, Mike, Lauren, Vinny and Ronnie. Jaws dropped and loud cheers followed, which was a very clear departure from the “savage” intro the pro wrestler faced several years back with this crew.

“She said yes!” Pauly declared while he offered a sweet “welcome to the family” to Zack.

Jenni soon clarified that her fiancé didn’t actually pop the question en route to the Pennsylvania resort (they were a bit tardy because of her kiddos) and he’d asked for her hand in marriage on her birthday at the Empire State Building. Zack was sobbing before they even arrived at the romantic setup on the 102nd floor.

Pauly D proceeded to take out the megaphone and enthusiastically state, “Jenni’s engaged!” (after quipping he “wouldn’t tell a soul” and Vin cracked an age-related joke).

“Guy turns 26, all of a sudden he’s getting married. Crazy!,” Vinny joked about 24. “Wifing up JWOWW!”

Quips aside, Jenni had all of the feels as she shared the news with most of her roomies.

“To feel the support from them and to have them love Zack as much as, well, not as much as I do, but just enough — it means the world to me,” Jenni gushed.

Next up: A wedding! To see more of the engaged couple, keep watching Jersey Shore: Family Vacation every Thursday at 8/7c.