Shacks & Palaces ' 'Once Upon a Hilltop' Exclusive

Shacks & Palaces ' 'Once Upon a Hilltop' Exclusive


Jonny Aherne unveiled the debut music video for his new project Shacks & Palaces on Wednesday (March 11), exclusively to Streets Talkin.

The visual for “Once Upon a Hilltop” stars The Temper Trap bassist’s own kids, Stella and Jesse, dressed in whimsical bird costumes as they explore Brooklyn with their dad. “One!/ Once upon a hilltop/ Two!/ It’s one for you, it’s one for me/ Three!/ Three times we both got lost/ Lookin’ at the sun/ Lookin’ at what’s to come,” Aherne croons on the track’s folk-inspired chorus.

“The song itself started with a challenge to write about something beautiful,” the Australian rocker tells Streets Talkin. “Love, adventure and imagination became the parameters of its creation. At times I felt like a kid as I wrote this song, letting go of adulthood complexities and embracing the wild childlike hope lands that still dwell in me. I hope this song uplifts [fans] as it was a joy to make.”

While “One Upon a Hilltop” serves as the first taste of The Temper Trap member’s new solo venture, more music by Shacks & Palaces is expected later this spring Liberation Records.

Check out the sweet video for “Once Upon a Hilltop” below.