Series Premiere: Buckhead Shore Boasts Strippers, ‘Toxic’ Exes And…Chicken

Series Premiere: Buckhead Shore Boasts Strippers, ‘Toxic’ Exes And…Chicken


What happens at the lake stays at the lake. Or does it?

Parker and his Buckhead Shore pals have officially arrived at his family’s lake house to “let loose” for the summer, but it seems their dreams of any “drama-free” southern shore life will be short-lived. Hailing from Buckhead — the Beverly Hills of the South — this tight-knit crew has history… and then some.

The chicken man Parker is the HBIC (“Head Buck” in charge) because, well, it’s his lake house. Even though his fam owns one of the biggest fast-food chicken chains in the Southeast, ask the self-proclaimed country boy at heart (but a city boy in his pants) to grill chicken at your own risk. His ride-or-dies include Pat and DJ, whose dad is Daryl Simmons, the king of baby-making music. DJ lures the ladies by writing his own sexual poetry lyrics. Said ladies include Bethania, his longtime friend-turned-lover, though their past hookups haven’t stopped him from taking body shots off of Chelsea. As for Chelsea, her first day at the lake house brought on a UTI, which she swiftly (and oddly) blamed on Parker’s golden retriever Babe. Chelsea is tight with Adamo, a navy aviation mechanic by day and stripper by night (sorry, Adamo’s mom). Speaking of strippers, enter Juju: Parker may be “the king of chicken strips,” but Juju is “the king of stripper chicks” and helps run his family business, the famed Atlanta strip club Magic City.

And then there’s aspiring realtor and “queen bae” Katie, whose arrival has Parker somewhat nervous.

“I’m really excited for all my friends to come to my lake house, but there’s one person I’m nervous about seeing: my ex-girlfriend Katie,” Parker shared. “Even if we’re not together, Katie will always be in my life. So I invited her up to my lake house. I hope it’s a good idea.”

Dun, dun, duuuuun. Katie’s unofficial motto: “If it’s not toxic, I don’t want it.” According to DJ, their “toxic love” is “like The Notebook, but way worse.” Case in point: Thanks to one of Katie’s past visits, Parker’s Rolex is chillin’ at the bottom of the lake. While Katie has zero intention of rekindling a romance with her ex, she’s still in her feelings about it. (And also isn’t above strutting back and forth in a sexy swimsuit while Parker plays ping-pong, but we digress.)

“Being at this house, of course it makes me sad,” she admitted. “Just ’cause I know he is not right for me doesn’t mean I still don’t love him and have feelings for him. It’s just making sure I respect myself enough to not keep going back. But I sometimes do feel like an idiot.” 

For now, there’s one thing (or person, rather) who’s liable to ensure that Katie doesn’t return to her ex: Parker’s new love interest Savannah. Turns out that two days before the gang’s arrival, Katie revenge-texted both Parker and Savannah claiming that she “spent the night with Parker last Saturday.” Now that Sav is in the mix, Parker is eager to “come clean.”

“At the end of the day, I made the decision,” he said. “It’s my fault. I opened that door, and I should have never let it happen.”

Upon Savannah’s arrival at the house, the HBIC was quickly accused of “playing two girls,” and a group argument ensued. After cooler heads prevailed, Parker processed the “sticky situation” and came to one conclusion: “After last night, all of my sh*t is in the street. I have to pick up the pieces and convince Savannah that that’s not who I really am. I have to tell Savannah the truth.”

Which is? “The truth is: That night, Katie texted me, and I slept with her.”

Ouch. Will Savannah forgive him? Find out next Thursday on Buckhead Shore at 9/8c.