Angelina Is About To Reveal Something Really Big To Deena On Jersey Shore

Angelina Is About To Reveal Something Really Big To Deena On Jersey Shore


After a heart-to-heart (and a little¬†tantric sex therapy) in¬†international waters¬†the Florida Keys, Angelina had resolved to “try one more time” with Chris.

But during tonight’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation episode, it¬†seems that thought may have been short-lived. For starters, Ang is moving on to bigger digs,¬†complete with a¬†“koi” pond (live fish, optional) and a full-blown makeup room that would make Khloe Kardashian jealous.

“It’s like a broken record for me. It’s just the same sh*t, different house,” Angelina admitted.

When it came time for the Staten Island native to fly to Spain to film All Star Shore just before the holidays, she and Chris got into it (on their two-year wedding anniversary, no less).

“Chris and I got into a fight, and as he was walking out of the f*cking room, he was like, ‘F*ck you, b*tch. I hope you f*cking die in a plane crash,’ knowing that I was going to Spain,” Angelina said. “This is not a f*cking marriage.”

Fast forward to her arrival home two weeks later, and Chris was nowhere to be found. And Angelina told her sister that she’s officially “ready” for a divorce.

“I’ve been feeling alone in this marriage for a long time, but I didn’t want to throw in the towel,” she confided over Christmas cannolis. “I thought things were going to change,¬†and they didn’t change. They actually got worse.”

That’s when she dropped the bomb about Luis, her All Star Shore castmate.

“He’s attractive, he speaks Spanish, chiseled abs. You know, he’s hot. He gave me some attention in Spain,” she said, adding that she and Chris only had sex once (maybe twice) throughout the duration of their marriage.

So she¬†took the next logical step and¬†met Luis in Mexico over the new year¬†to get some “clarity” — and texted¬†the Investigation¬†Mike the “livin’ la vida loca” pics to prove it. Cue Pauly D: “That is¬†not¬†Chris.”

Bringing back memories of Old Bridge, Jenni resolved to “stay the f*ck out of it.” But Angelina still needed¬†¬†“somebody to open up to,” so she grabbed the wine glasses and called Deena.

“A lot to fill you in on, girl. And there’s a lot of other sh*t that you don’t know about,” she said.

Deena urged her friend “to be real” and just had one question: “Where’s Chris?”

“Um, he moved out,” Angelina replied. “There’s a lot to the story you don’t know. Please, we need to keep this in my home right now.”

Grab the popcorn, and find out what she has to say next Thursday at 8/7c.