See Ya, Siesta Key: Juliette And Sam Are Both Thinking About Moving To Miami

See Ya, Siesta Key: Juliette And Sam Are Both Thinking About Moving To Miami


Seems Juliette and Sam have both moved on once and for all — but unbeknownst to each other, their paths may¬†soon cross more often than anticipated.

This week’s Siesta Key saw the two exes both in separate talks about¬†trading¬†Sarasota¬†for a fresh start in Miami. And the kicker? Both of their new love interests live there.

So why is Juliette considering the move? Her design partner Jaymi told her it’s time to take “the next step” regarding her growing¬†swimwear line, JMP The Label. Not only is the brand¬†gaining popularity across¬†international waters, but it’s also expanding into activewear. And Siesta Key isn’t exactly the fashion capital of Florida.

“I kind of want to see how you feel about Miami, like set down some roots and do some work there, because honestly, Jules, that’s where it’s at,” Jaymi said. “This is a much bigger opportunity. This is bigger picture.”

Jules said she’s “definitely interested” — but is hesitant because she’s only ever lived in Siesta Key. One plus: Things are getting serious with Clark.

As for Sam, he’s eager to sell his house and is currently “looking at places or whatever” in Miami, which coincidentally is where “the infamous Meghan” lives.

With that in mind, he has Lexie listing his waterfront house for sale.

“I just kind of feel like I’ve outgrown this place,” Sam continued. “This is kind of a small town; I run into the same people over and over. I don’t want to keep dealing with the same drama of running into Juliette. It’s just been a pattern that I’m not into.”

But little does he know that he could soon¬†find himself “running into¬†Juliette” in Magic City — if she does indeed make the big move. And with¬†Sam¬†bringing Meghan and Jules bringing Clark to Madisson’s wedding, it’s only a matter of time before the Siesta tea gets spilled.

What do you think: Is Miami big enough for both Juliette and Sam? Sound off, then tune in to the season finale of Siesta Key Thursday at 9/8c.