‘I Was Not Ready To Go’: Tina Reflects On Her Game-Ending All Stars Injury

‘I Was Not Ready To Go’: Tina Reflects On Her Game-Ending All Stars Injury


Tina sadly reached the end of the road rules yet again on All Stars.

During this week’s episode, the Challenge competitor suffered a game-ending injury during the mission “Playing Dirty” (a version of musical chairs but taking place in a mud pit with players trying to grab balls).

“I take my glove off and I see that I’m missing a knuckle,” the Inferno 2/Fresh Meat finalist stated in a confessional about her Round 1 heat showdown against Kellyanne. She explained that she popped her finger back into place (!) and believed she was better. But that, unfortunately, was not the case: A hospital visit confirmed that Tina broke her hand, and she was medically unable to continue on the show.

Of course, she was “so sad” to be departing as her Gauntlet/Battle of the Sexes 2/Inferno 2 pal Veronica helped her pack up her stuff. And even though the Treehouse member dubbed it one of her worst performances (but what about those two eliminations!), she “ended up having the best time.”

So how is Tina’s hand today, and was she able to make a full recovery?

“It’s healing,” she recently revealed to MTV News. “Thank God I didn’t have to have surgery, but I did have a cast for six [or] seven weeks. I was not ready to go. I was really upset.”

She added that she’d never broken a bone before (first time for everything!), and she still does not know exactly when it happened. And what does she think would have happened if she didn’t have to go home?

“I think I would have went to the final,” she said. “I have never done so sh*tty at dailies in my life. Hopefully, all of my blunders were all washed out on this one and I just do well from here on out. I had so many sh*tty moments on this Challenge, but I still had a blast.”

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