Russell Wilson Forced Into Random Drug Test During Exit Interview

Russell Wilson Forced Into Random Drug Test During Exit Interview


Russell Wilson has always been a clean-cut quarterback who plays by the rules. Every time you hear about Wilson, he is doing something positive for his family, Seahawks fans, and his teammates. With this in mind, it would be unfathomable to think that he is using performance-enhancing drugs. These characteristics didn’t stop the NFL from forcing Wilson into a random drug test on Monday. What makes this recent drug test particularly funny/newsworthy is the fact that it was done during his exit interview.

According to Joe Fann of NBC Sports, Wilson was in front of the media ready for his end of year interview when all of a sudden, he was told he had to complete the test. Wilson couldn’t believe what he was hearing and thought he was being pranked. In the end, the test was very much real and he had to excuse himself before returning shortly after.

These tests are usually standard and have been known to occur after a player has a particularly good game. Wilson’s team lost on Sunday but he still played decent enough to win the game. Considering it’s the end of the season, it shouldn’t be surprising that a franchise quarterback would get tested, just as a precaution. 

We’re sure Wilson was just as shocked as his fans when it comes to the random test.