Rookies’ Revenge: Is Big T’s Girl Gang The Next Big Threat On The Challenge?

Rookies’ Revenge: Is Big T’s Girl Gang The Next Big Threat On The Challenge?


Later, Lavender Ladies. Move along, Inferno 2 Mean Girls. There’s a new girl gang in Challenge­-town, and while they might be little, they proved on the most recent Double Agents episode that they can certainly pack a wild punch.

After Nelson’s shocking Crater elimination, Big T and her gaggle of rookie pals — The Ambers and Gabby — began to grow frustrated with some of the vets’ bravado. More specifically, they were sick of Tori citing their small group “layups,” and rather than wait to get bowled over — the typical routine for a Challenge rookie — they decided to stand up and fight.

After a five-alarm meeting, the girls committed to winning the next mission so they could pit Tori, their Public Enemy No. 1, against Tori’s best pal Aneesa. This would ensure one of the veterans was eliminated, Big T said, and forge a wider path for the rookie girls to advance.

“You can’t make people feel weak just because they don’t have muscles popping out of their eyeballs,” Big T lamented. “I’m over it.”

And quickly, the Itty Bitty Small Committee was officially in motion.

As part of the next mission, “Agent Down,” host TJ Lavin told the agents one partner would have to hold the other — legs dangling — from atop a platform suspended high above a waterfall. The catch? The designated holder would first have to unspool a giant mess of rope until he reached a blue marker — and only then could he race to his partner.

While Jay and Theresa outperformed the first crop of competitors and held on for a Challenge eternity, it was ultimately Big T and CT who won the day’s mission after a Heat Two victory.

And Tori, who knew a reckoning was brewing, was frustrated that she’d likely have to confront the social mistakes she’d made.

“Me and Aneesa are playing such a messy game — what the f*** are we doing?” Tori said. “We’re just kind of annoyed. I think until you prove yourself in this game, I’m gonna consider you a weaker player.”

But Big T proved her strength when she rallied the house to vote Aneesa into The Crater and waited until the next elimination round to nominate Aneesa’s BFF, Tori, herself.

In “Asset Destruction,” Aneesa and Tori would each have to pull their own crate of medicine balls across a line, at which point the crate would tip over and set the balls free. Then they’d toss the balls at a wall of targets, and the first to strike 13 would win.

Sadly, it wasn’t a close call. By the time Tori managed to upend her crate, which left her struggling straight out of the gate, Aneesa had nearly completed her target practice, and when the dust had settled, Aneesa officially earned her 10th elimination-round win and the distinction of the only woman to hold a Gold Skull (Natalie, a previous Gold Skull holder, left the game at the start of the episode for personal reasons).

And Aneesa, who spent the start of Double Agents as the No. 1 seed, resolved to reassume her position as Top Dog.

“The old bitch still has it — never count me out,” she said. “If you want my Skull, you have to come f*cking get it.”

Whaddya think: Is the Itty Bitty Small Committee primed for greatness, and will it stand among The Duel Drama Mafia or Cara’s Cult as a top-tier Challenge girl gang? Or will Tori’s elimination prove to have been a mistake, and are the rookies on the chopping block next? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to the next Double Agents episode Wednesday!