Roddy Ricch Prevents Justin Bieber’s Attempt To Take Over Spotify Chart

Roddy Ricch Prevents Justin Bieber’s Attempt To Take Over Spotify Chart


Compton rapper Roddy Ricch released one of the best albums of the entire year, coming through strong with his debut Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial. Containing features from Meek Mill, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, and others, the true standout track appears right at the beginning of the body of work. Directly after the intro song, Roddy Ricch begins his now instantly recognizable “ee oos”, an element of “The Box” that captivates audiences and led to it becoming the third-most-popular song on the Billboard Hot 100 this week. It has helped Ricch become even more of a household name, attracting fans to listen deeper into the album and opening so many eyes to his brand of melodic sing-rapping. Even Justin Bieber couldn’t hold up a flame to “The Box,” coming in second on a relevant Spotify chart.

Roddy Ricch Prevents Justin Bieber's Attempt To Take Over Spotify Chart

After being bumped up to the Top Five on the Billboard Hot 100, Roddy Ricch is able to say that he has more current appeal than one of the industry’s top pop stars. As reported by XXL, “The Box” was named the highest-played song on Spotify’s Top 50 Streaming list in the United States, inching past Justin Bieber’s new single “Yummy”, which earned the runner-up spot. The third track belongs to Arizona Zervas with “Roxanne.”

Roddy Ricch is just at the beginning stage of his music career and already, he’s achieving major feats like this. Do you think this will continue for the Compton rapper?