Riah Dawn Releases “The Tea” Single

Riah Dawn Releases “The Tea” Single


Riah Dawn’s “The Tea” suggested that we might be getting a little dirt out of the song we were about to hit play on. However, what felt like it might be a dis track off the title alone was soon a complete switch flip on what we have come to think of when we heard the phrase “the tea.”

In a world where we can’t even turn on our phone without hearing something negative about us or someone else, especially with everything going on in the world, Riah calls out those with hateful motives in a blatant show of love and respect for the person feeling hated. This empowerment song is certainly one that every woman needs in her playlist arsenal for days when the trolls try to win.

Whether you have real life drama or just social media haters, “The Tea” plays on others words and your own emotions – turning either sadness or anger into motivation for you to go get your life.

What makes Riah stand out in a sea of a women empowerment movement is her softer, R&B spin on what all the MCs are shouting about THEMSELVES. This song is directed to the listener as if it were a heart to heart in the living room, at the coffee house or at the salon, making it unique and marketable.

With a promising start like this, we are excited to see what else Riah Dawn has waiting for us through the looking glass.


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