R&B Artist Raahiim Releases EP Ii Knew It Better

R&B Artist Raahiim Releases EP Ii Knew It Better


Listen Now: https://open.spotify.com/album/3SfxHzJ0p0IImN2UiB3M9G?si=pOWmuG6UQFqBgS2XaHptMQ

The succinct 9 track album features his two catchy, radio worthy singles ‘You Love Me’ and ”Who Is He’. Both tracks quickly gained Raahiim a dedicated following when listeners first heard these jams back in November. The remainder of the artist’s album is wildly impressive, boasting melodic emotional ballads like “Millions” and “Twos,” as well as dance worthy tracks titled “On You” and “Magic City.”

Raahiim certainly seems to know what he was doing when he assembled the team to get this body of work off the ground, too. The songwriter enlisted the assistance of other R&B greats while he worked on the EP, including scoring famed Grammy nominated producer Nineteen85. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s also based in Toronto and is best known for his work on some of Drake’s most popular songs including “Hotline Bling,” One Dance,” and “Hold on, We’re Going Home.”

While the album is an incredible work of art. After a quick listen ,it’s easy to understand the buzz over his talent — and the unavoidable comparisons to The Weeknd. Both artists have a sort of melancholy moodiness that keeps listenters on the edge of their seat and coming back for another listen. The powerful lyrics can’t be ignored either. For example, consider what Raahiim croons during “Who is He?”

You wear battle scars before we went to war
Like anesthesia, I don’t need you, trying to put me under

While ” ii Knew it Better” is Raahiim’s debut studio album, online whispers indicate this will likely blow up. Stardom may very well be the next step for this Canadian artist.