Reggie Becton’s New Song Is Full of ‘Life’

Reggie Becton’s New Song Is Full of ‘Life’


Rising R&B singer Reggie Becton has returned with “Life,” his first new song of the year. It was produced by Jahnei Clarke, Aidan Carroll and Myboyjon.

Over a glossy production, informed by R&B and reggae stylings, Becton sings about pursuing the woman of his dreams. “When we’re together / To be real, it feels like heaven / Every day it just gets better / You know my frequency,” Becton sings on the devotional bop. 

While “Life” feels dreamy and sunlit, the song originally was the complete opposite. “Initially, ‘Life’ was a completely different song. I started this song last summer alone on my acoustic guitar and originally wrote a song about heartbreak to the chords,” Becton tells Rated R&B.

Reggie Becton. (Photo Credit: Charli Trujillo)

Things changed when Becton brought the song to his producer Myboyjon, who added more production layers. “I knew I had to do something that felt a bit more sensual like the production. I was experiencing some new attention from a girl I was pursuing at the time and it gave me the perfect inspiration,” Becton shares.

“Shortly after I took it to Jah and Aidan Carrol, who are the executive producers on my forthcoming project SadBoy, and they helped me finish writing the song and added more live instrumentation.” 

As Becton noted, “Life” is lifted from his upcoming project, SadBoy, the follow-up to 2021’s California

Last year, Becton released three singles: “Call,” “Sway” and “Streets.” Solo work aside, he also kept busy with collaborations. He joined Jordan Hawkins on his song “Screamin,” as well as co-wrote two songs from fellow Alex Vaughn’s The Hurtbook EP: “Do You Ever” and “So Be It.”

Stream Reggie Becton’s new single “Life” below.