Rawle Releases New Single ‘Broken Love’

Rawle Releases New Single ‘Broken Love’


Listen Now: https://ffm.to/5meyy0z.oem

Our craving for love is often matched by our loathing of it in the aftermath. Love can heal and it can wound. It can build us up and it can tear us down. How many times do you try before you give up? When do you say enough is enough? Each of us have our own tolerance for pain. When we finally reach our limit, we close the door and never look back. It’s a story that never gets old because the feelings are universal.

Up-and-coming Canadian artist Rawle taps into this universal human experience in his newest single “Broken Love”. Pure emotions overflow with each word. This is the type of track that you blast in your room late at night when you can’t sleep. Instead of overthinking, you can process your emotions with songs that capture your mood like this one. It will let you channel your frustrations and perhaps even strengthen your resolve. Songs like this make people feel less alone as they hear their lives being sung in stunning detail.

This soulful song is a gem that features candid writing and a pensive melody. Rawle provides smooth delivery with excellent pacing and perfectly timed beats. The powerful vocals by X-Factor champion Melanie Amaro punches it up to greater heights. This duo is a joy to listen to as they balance each other out. Even if they are singing about pain, you’ll find yourself repeating this track again and again.

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