Davo – Say Something (Official Music Video)

Davo – Say Something (Official Music Video)


Listen Now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yt7pxmF0dRo

Davo is an artist with a pedigree. His father was in the band Bob Marley and The Wailers. It’s no surprise that he grew up around music and that he eventually chose to join the industry. Although born in Jamaica, Davo has lived for years in Miami while improving his craft. He has already produced tracks and wrote songs for other artists. This time, he’s the one front and center with his own single complete with a music video directed by his good friend Tony Lanez.

Davo describes his style as “dark… beautiful psychedelic R&B”. Indeed, “Say Something” is about an affair that both parties want to stay secret. It’s a lover pleading for his paramour to agree to a night of passion. There is an ethereal quality to the song. This comes across even if you close your eyes and focus on the music. Some describe it as having a similar vibe to Sade. In other words, it’s a track that lends itself well to quiet evenings when you’d like to chill alone or with someone else.

The video captures much of this atmosphere with moody lighting, slow motion sequences, and intimate scenes. It starts off just like most music videos today with a beautiful woman in the arms of a male singer. However, it takes a sudden left turn that makes it more interesting. The seeds of a mystery and the surprising twist are most welcome. Viewers are left with several questions after it’s finished, which is probably a good way to end an obvious homage to film noir.


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