R. Kelly’s GF Azriel Clary Will "Make People Eat Their Words" Following Exposé

R. Kelly’s GF Azriel Clary Will "Make People Eat Their Words" Following Exposé


The sequel to the the Lifetime docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly” premiered this weekend, and with it, tons more accounts of the singer’s sexual abuse over the years has come to light. Like the first part, “Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning” has allowed Kelly’s alleged victims to come forward and tell their stories. However, not everyone seems to pleased to hear it, especially Kelly’s current girlfriend, Azriel Clary.

Azriel has been very public about her love and support for Kelly, and it appears she was not too pleased about the sequel to the series that aims to expose the severity of his sex crimes. Hours before the first episode of “Part II” aired on January 2nd, Azriel took to Twitter with a cryptic message.

“The quiet before the storm,” she wrote, seemingly preparing herself for all the inevitable fallout from the series. The following night, she reminds herself to stay calm while her boyfriend’s alleged abuse is exposed.

“The main thing is don’t panic,” she tells herself. Though it’s quite clear what she’s referring to, these tweets are still very vague in terms of offering specifics. However, on Friday evening, Azriel elaborated a little more on where her head is at, revealing that she is still unwavered by all of the talk and that she will be offering up her own side of the story very soon.

“FUN FACT: I love to make people eat their words. So buckle up, because it’s about to be a lot of that very soon. I woke up feeling good and actually laughing at all that I see,” her tweet reads. She followed this up with, “Nothing kills a hater more than silence & success. ?” She proceeds to pray for her family, writing “God, give me and my family strength,” though it’s unclear which family she is referring to. While these tweets seem to be suggesting that she plans to prove everyone wrong about R. Kelly, her following tweets complicate this a little bit.

On Saturday, Azriel stated that “I woke up feeling amazing, I had to humble myself and swallow my pride. The hardest thing is admitting.. but the greatest things comes out of admitting. I am sorry for jumping into a battle that is bigger than me. I do have good news for all of those that support me,” followed by a “coming soon” hashtag. She then said, “Only I can right my wrongs, and that’s what I’m going to do. I hope y’all ready.” Azriel’s choice of words when apologizing for “jumping into a battle that is bigger than” her suggests that what’s “coming soon” may not be a defense of Kelly but perhaps some kind of admittance of her blind support for him, as an attempt to “right” the “wrongs.”