Pusha T Reveals Pharrell is Producing The Entire New Clipse Album

Pusha T Reveals Pharrell is Producing The Entire New Clipse Album


The Clipse are back after a long duration of hibernation and being away. The brotherly duo of Pusha T and No Malice, last seen in action together with the 2009 drop, Till the Casket Drops, have finally announced their artistic reunion with a new album.

On speaking to Vulture about their upcoming project, the duo seemed to be rather tight lipped about the project. They did, however, reveal one thing: Pharrell Williams is producing the album, start to finish.

Fans had already anticipated Pharrell‘s involvement in the project soon after ‘Birds’ was played at a Louis Vuitton show recently. The song also featured John Legend on the vocals, suggesting a star studded line up for the album (which Pusha T and No Malice refused to unveil).

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The duo also spoke about their individual trajectories; with Pusha T taking on the rap industry in a bold and unfazed manner, and No Malice moving on a path directed by his faith, it seemed unlikely the two will ever reconnect as artist. Claiming they have always been tight as brothers and mindful of each other’s decisions, the duo described their time off Clipse as respectful, where Pusha continued to bring forth opportunities to discuss with No Malice, knowing he might turn them down. Yet, Pusha continued with integrity and always kept No Malice in the loop.

Pusha also spoke to Vulture about the “Let me see you push a T” bar by Kendrick in track, ‘Euphoria‘ aimed at Drake. Not saying much, Pusha just commented on how it was an “Incredible, incredible display of battle raps,” and trailed off mid-sentence saying, “Listen man, Kendrick–,” as No Malice chimed in to claim it was a masterclass.

While the duo have been fairly conservative in expressing too much regarding the album otherwise, what seems to be for certain is the fact that the upcoming album will be a deeply personal one. The unreleased and teased ‘Birds,’ too, digs deep into the duo’s trauma of their mother passing away, which ties into the theme of birds not singing, but screeching in pain.