Pucker Up: The Kissing Booth 3 Is Coming Your Way

Pucker Up: The Kissing Booth 3 Is Coming Your Way


Prepare those kissers and ready your lip gloss, because a new installment of The Kissing Booth is coming your way — and sooner than you might’ve guessed.

Just days following the premiere of The Kissing Booth 2 on Friday (July 24), Netflix announced the coming release of a third movie in the wildly popular franchise. During Netflix’s #TKBFanFest YouTube livestream on Sunday (July 25), the series’ primary cast — Joey King, Joel Courtney, Taylor Zakhar Perez, Maisie Richardson, and Meganne Young — confirmed they are to return in the new installment, set to launch next year.


While many film and TV productions have been slowed, if not halted altogether, due to the ongoing coronavirus, The Kissing Booth 3 has already wrapped, having apparently been filmed, quietly, at the same time as its predecessor. Courtney, who plays best friend to Elle, revealed that the movie is now in post-production, to which King added that filming the movies simultaneously “was the hardest secret to keep ever.”

The announcement was followed by a teaser trailer released by Netflix the same day. Where the second movie ended on a cliffhanger, with Elle grappling with her decision of which college to choose, the short clip hints that this will be addressed in the third entry. Lee is seen poolside with Noah, with Rachel (Young) serving up cocktails, when she receives a call from Harvard. Check out the teaser, below.